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Foreign Relations

Management tasks of cultural relations
Is the interaction between cultural relations and management of universities and top sides as follows:

1 - Cultural Relations
2 - the university administration

General Administration of missions
Supreme Council of Universities
Academy of Scientific Research

Be dealt with faculty members and their assistants of the College in terms of: -
- Kinds of missions (foreign mission - joint supervision mission - Mission internal)
- Scholarships for PhD (personal grant - grants from states
- The types of missions and two types of grants in order to get the doctorate degree for teachers assistants.
- Scientific tasks in order to conduct a post-doctoral research for teachers and professors and assistant professors, a method of either state or plan on how to contact Dr profile.
- Scientific conferences (at home - and abroad)
- Seminars - Workshops - Awards - training.
- Cultural agreements with different countries.
- Committee for Cultural Relations for display on the College Board